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MOOC: Engaged Thinking: Engaging your Intellectual Capital Assets ©
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Engaged Thinking offers a human centered organizational framework with the objective: to engage intellectual capital assets across the full spectrum of innovation.

At a macro level, the goal of Engaged Thinking is to drive strategy formulation, organizational redesign and systems development with a larger view of intellectual capital assets driving value creation. At a micro level, through the empowerment and engagement of employees, the total experiences and knowledge of an organization can be leveraged to design products and services driven by the user’s journey. The Engaged Thinking framework ultimately empowers the consumer then to better interact with and effectively manage the products and services that have been designed with his/her story in mind. 

Engaged thinking encompasses the empowerment and engagement of human capital across an organization's value chain. The goals of engaged thinking are dual: the empowerment of employees in innovation activities and whole life engagement of consumers as organizations design and deliver relevant innovations.

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