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DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

We invite you to be part of the Collaboration Without Boundaries that shapes the industry. Fueled by the ideas of thousands of attendees, the DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting will bring together patients, industry, regulators, and academia from all points in the product lifecycle from more than 50 countries. Our meeting is the intersection of science, healthcare, and regulation, with no boundaries—an intersection that provides the catalyst for thoughtful dialogue and debate.

In a world where challenges know no boundaries, DIA 2021 is the connection.

From more than a dozen educational tracks, multiple ways to learn, continuing education opportunities, and a world-class exhibit hall, by joining us you’ll take on a key role in building the framework of the future—making connections, gaining skills and insights, and advancing science to improve global health.

The DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting pushes beyond walls, beyond borders. It’s Collaboration Without Boundaries and we’re fiercely proud of it.



Health Innovations Driven by the Pandemic
Innovation is being driven by not only the need to address the spread of the virus, but to continue to safely address the variety of other patient needs.  Read more about the creative innovations arising in the face of COVID-19 including: 

The Use of Drones for Medical Supplies Delivery
Apps the can Detect COVID-19 Virtually
Using Special Stethoscopes to Listen to Patient Hearts and Transmit Lung Images
Low-Cost Ventilators
Hospitals Using VR for Training Purposes
3D Printed Nasal Testing Swabs
Using Robots in the Hospital for Delivery of COVID-19 Supplies and Tests
Leveraging Chatbots to Answer Questions and Check Symptoms


Using Food Prescriptions to Address Access and Chronic Disease
What is food security? The Food and Agriculture Organization's definition of food security is “ when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.”

How can we ensure food security for people? Perhaps by first engaging local stakeholders to find local solutions including local farmers, local healthcare institutions, and other local community-based agencies.

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Chief Nursing Officer Summit
January 21 2021

You shouldn`t pass the opportunity to join @Opal Group for their Chief Nursing Officer Summit on January 21, 2021. This event will cover what has happened with the nursing leaders in a challenging reality. To register please visit, http://bit.ly/396VNEc

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Creating a Good Life within the Boundaries of our Planet
Thinking about our choices and responsibilities to our planet and others. Assessing the positive impacts from living sustainability to our own lives.


Re-Designing Healthcare through the Len of Empathy and Human Centered Design
Chief Innovation Officer Chris Waugh is using creative innovation approaches to redesign the healthcare system to respond emotionally and holistically to its patients. 


Cancer Survivor's Guide to Nurturing a Spiritual Perspective with Dr. Rob Rutledge and Rev. David Maginley

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/REXWgyBBrVg
SlideShare Presentation: https://bit.ly/3gwLqwW


Behavioral health for the next generation
Public and private institutions can play an important role in addressing behavioral healthcare needs early and holistically.


Rethinking and Redesigning our Food Systems
Listen to these podcasts by IDEO
IDEO’s Food team uses design to connect, support, and enable leaders and organizations committed to solving the toughest problems across the food system.


Patients are the Purpose
That was the resounding message of Day 1 of BIO’s Patient and Health Advocacy Digital Summit. Three takeaways that emerged include:
Trust is essential
Lessons from COVID-19 can improve outcomes for all patients.
The industry “should look like our nation

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