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15th Edition Pharma Resource Planning and Portfolio Optimization
Philadelphia, PA | Option to attend virtually
February 22-24, 2022 | 08:30 EDT 

Directing Strategy, Decision Making and Resource Optimization for Optimal Portfolio Success 

The marcus evans 15th Edition Pharma Resource Planning and Portfolio Optimization conference will explore how to drive strategic decision making and optimization in resource planning to foster the portfolio success in times of uncertainties. Risk Mitigation strategies to raise the Resilience of the Portfolio will be discussed. This unique, practical case study led event will focus on how to accelerate growth by an optimized short- and long-term planning. We will discuss how to optimize portfolio prioritization in environment of continuous changes to sustain a successful pipeline. We will discover the role of new modalities and how they can improve the portfolio and raise the ROI. Our expert speaker panel will also look into how innovative tools and methods can improve decision making and enhance portfolio strategies.

Attending This Premier marcus evans Conference Will Enable You to:

  • Optimize short and long-term planning to mitigate risks and foster a robust portfolio
  • Determine best PPM strategies to adopt evolving global trends and market demands
  • Harness a more flexible resource planning and portfolio prioritization to ensure the pipeline success in times of uncertainty
  • Utilize new modalities to foster portfolio robustness by a broader and more balanced portfolio
  • Accelerate growth by gaining better market insights through data analytics & AI
  • Leverage innovative tools and new technologies to enhance decision-making relating to resources, projects and the portfolio
  • Facilitate collaboration and clinical trials by remote, decentralized strategies

Who Should Attend:

SVPs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Senior Executives of:

  • Portfolio Planning / Strategy / Operations
  • Portfolio/ Project / Product / Management
  • Pipeline / Resource / Program Management
  • Portfolio / Project / Decision Analysis
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Commercial Portfolio / Commercialization

For more information please contact: Ms Ria Kiayia, Digital Media and PR Marketing Executive at riak@marcusevanscy.com or visit: https://bit.ly/3HGe5Mu 


What is Patient Engagement and How Can it Be Improved for the Patient
A study by Health Affairs defines patient engagement by looking at patient engagement as patient activation, a process that healthcare organizations play an active role in.


Communication Strategies to Engage the Patient

Healthcare providers will increasingly need to be trained on the effective use of communication strategies to drive behaviour change. This will necessitate an understanding of the whole patient and the personal drivers for behavior change. Suggested strategies for engagement in this article include: patient education, shared decision-making, motivation interviewing, and empathy; allowing healthcare providers to guide and empower their patients to participate in chronic disease prevention.
Read More... 


Progress in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Arena

Wearable IoMT biosensing devices allows for the collection of biometric data in real-time, enabling both healthcare providers and patients to actively participate in healthcare management driven by the goal of disease prevention. Connected to smartphones and cloud-based apps, physiological and bio-sensing smart devices continuously measure, record, and provide access to vital data. This article suggests that combining biosensor technology with physiological technology, can produce a more holistic view of a patient’s condition. Read More...



The DIA Annual Canadian Meeting will deliver a comprehensive overview of the current biopharma and device landscape in Canada, while sharing insights into Canada’s broader role in global healthcare product development. From policy updates and priorities shared directly from Health Canada, to sessions on international work sharing and partnerships to key regulatory and clinical considerations for drugs and devices, you will have the exclusive opportunity to address the current issues and opportunities in Canada and across the globe.

Bringing together key stakeholders from the drug/device and Patient Self Care industries, regulatory agencies, and academia, this meeting will discuss and analyze the relevant challenges and opportunities for professionals working in the field in Canada.

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COVID Spurred Patient Engagement with Remote Patient Monitoring
The pandemic has enabled the increased the use of remote patient monitoring and telehealth to monitor and manage health at home, but future innovation is needed to meet consumer needs.


What the Inpatient Care Industry Needs Right Now
By Sarah Daren

The COVID-19 pandemic affected virtually every industry on the planet in some way or another. There were a select few that actually evolved due to the pandemic, such as internet communications and delivery services, but most industries were negatively affected, with healthcare being at the top of that list. Read More...


Healthcare Ecosystems of the Future
The healthcare ecosystems of the future, like other ecosystems, will be centered on the consumer, in this case the patient. The capabilities and services that form the healthcare ecosystems of the future may include: traditional modalities of care, home and self-care, social care, daily engagement and tracking, and financial support.


Leveraging Digital Innovation for a Patient-centric, Value-added Experience
Telehealth was once considered a path for urgent care transactions. However, in 2020, more consumers had scheduled video visits with their primary care physician or specialist than for urgent care. Patients increasingly believe they are entitled to their choice of healthcare providers, coverage and digital-health experiences.


Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente to scale up hospital-at-home efforts with $100M investment into Medically Home
Medically Home installs communications devices, remote patient monitoring devices, emergency response systems and other supplies such as durable medical equipment in a patient’s home so that providers can treat high-acuity patients outside of the costly hospital setting.


5 Strategies for Streamlining Patient Engagement in Health Care
Moving forward, patients expect to be involved in every step of the health care delivery process, from initial visit to diagnosis and treatment. Health care administrators are tasked with streamlining the patient experience, using advanced strategies and integrated technology solutions.
View this infographic developed by Regis College...


Three Important Lessons To Improve Digital Health Delivery:
The rapid use of digital health services has progressed well, with most patients embracing virtual visits with their doctors. Moving forward there are a number of opportunities for improvement including: Whole person, longitudinal care. Integration of labs and diagnostics to improve workflows, access and patient education. And the development of virtual-first strategies.


DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting

We invite you to be part of the Collaboration Without Boundaries that shapes the industry. Fueled by the ideas of thousands of attendees, the DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting will bring together patients, industry, regulators, and academia from all points in the product lifecycle from more than 50 countries. Our meeting is the intersection of science, healthcare, and regulation, with no boundaries—an intersection that provides the catalyst for thoughtful dialogue and debate.

In a world where challenges know no boundaries, DIA 2021 is the connection.

From more than a dozen educational tracks, multiple ways to learn, continuing education opportunities, and a world-class exhibit hall, by joining us you’ll take on a key role in building the framework of the future—making connections, gaining skills and insights, and advancing science to improve global health.

The DIA 2021 Global Annual Meeting pushes beyond walls, beyond borders. It’s Collaboration Without Boundaries and we’re fiercely proud of it.



Health Innovations Driven by the Pandemic
Innovation is being driven by not only the need to address the spread of the virus, but to continue to safely address the variety of other patient needs.  Read more about the creative innovations arising in the face of COVID-19 including: 

The Use of Drones for Medical Supplies Delivery
Apps the can Detect COVID-19 Virtually
Using Special Stethoscopes to Listen to Patient Hearts and Transmit Lung Images
Low-Cost Ventilators
Hospitals Using VR for Training Purposes
3D Printed Nasal Testing Swabs
Using Robots in the Hospital for Delivery of COVID-19 Supplies and Tests
Leveraging Chatbots to Answer Questions and Check Symptoms


Using Food Prescriptions to Address Access and Chronic Disease
What is food security? The Food and Agriculture Organization's definition of food security is “ when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.”

How can we ensure food security for people? Perhaps by first engaging local stakeholders to find local solutions including local farmers, local healthcare institutions, and other local community-based agencies.

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